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The most important thing to know about our service comes right out of our Privacy Policy: We will not sell, rent, or share individual customer-identifiable information with any third party unless explicitly requested by you.

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How will my information be used?

We collect and maintain your data and your client’s information for one purpose only: to provide you with our service. CurrentHub has no intentions to collect information to become brokers ourselves. We only want to provide you with our service, as advertised. Further, we are bound by our own rules (in the form of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use) from doing so.

How is this service "free"?

By standardizing the communications between suppliers and you, we are offering suppliers massive operational efficiency improvements that we charge them for, with a flat fee. We do not charge by the contract (or by the kWh, or by the mil), to either the broker or the supplier. Your margins are your business, and have no bearing on CurrentHub’s operations and, therefore, costs. You are the one working with the end consumer, not us.

We also offer premium features to brokers of certain sizes, but the free plan will always be free for you once you sign up.

How secure is my data?

While no one can claim 100% security (you shouldn't trust anyone that does, even SalesForce), you can be sure that we employ the very best measures based on the web's leading standards. Using the same server technology as Amazon.com, we can make sure only you and your agents can access your records. For more information on the specifics of the security on our website, see our Privacy Policy.

Where does CurrentHub operate?

You can use CurrentHub for any state and any utility, but our usage lookup tool is only live for Illinois accounts. For now...

Will you ever charge me for the free plan?

Absolutely not. If you sign up for the free individual plan, you will always be able to use it for free.

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